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Mermaid Club

From dream to reality

We are the bridge between the worlds of water and land.

We bring to you the magic and wisdom of the underwaterworld.

 Learn the secrets of the ocean, swim with the wild creaters of the sea and make your dreams come true. (5).webp


The mermaid weekend of your dreams!

Join us on a life-changing journey
In the most beautiful coral reef in the world!

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First Mermaid spotted in the red sea!
Mermaid Club il

First Mermaid spotted in the red sea!

Our Videos

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People tell about us

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היומולדת הכי מדהימה שיכלתי לבקש למורני שלי. תודה רבה, זאת יומולדת שהיא לא תשכח בחיים. 


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