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About us

The club

We are certified marine biologists, swimming and diving instructors with many years of experience in mentoring and teaching all ages. We feel that we have found the perfect balance between physical fitness, learning, and imagination, while swimming in a sea of fun!

  We teach about the ocean through healthy and proper movement with a monofin, and practice diving and swimming in the sea and pool.

Our knowledge of the sea, our love for it, and diving into the depths surrounded with the most beautiful corals in the world, make the experience magical and one of a kind.

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Lihi Zadok

My name is Lihi, and my life revolves around the ocean.

I am a marine biologist, skipper, certified swimming instructor, free diver and scuba diver. During my studies I was a research assistant in the marine sciences.

I have 14 years of experience in training and swimming instruction, 18 years experience with children and youth and 6 years of teaching science.

During my journey I realized that enjoying the process of learning is the fastest and most effective way to achieving anything.

When I dive with a mermaid tail I am instantly full of pleasure and confidence and my head is clear.
I become part of the wavy sea and am mesmerized by the beauty of the underwater world.
  I wish to share this powerful and unique feeling with you!

Come connect to the healing and magical world of water with me.

It's easy, healing, cleansing, bonding, empowering and so, so much fun!
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