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You always dreamed of it, even if you had not realised it!

We reach the beach, where a mat with lots of merchandise, shell crowns and glittering fins awaits us.

After adjusting goggles and fins for each participant we will continue with some safety exercises and then we will start the magical experience! We will play the most fun water games there are, choreographies and dances above and below the water.
And when you shine happily, we will immortalize the magical moments with photos and videos as a souvenir for a lifetime.

The workshop includes:

Fin rental for each participant

Face glitter 

 The best Instructor

Snorkeling gear

Insurance for each participant

Water toys

professional Photographer


* For those who prefer a pool, the workshop can also be held there for a small additional fee.

* We have one-hour, or an hour and a half workshops of your choice.

So take a deep breath and come make a dream come true with the most magical experience there is!

We provide workshops in Oceans and pools around the world (3).webp

Photos of our events

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