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From age 3 and up and there is no maximum age. 

Children under the age of three are welcome to join.

Guests are welcome to watch the class. Please arrive with enough time to change and prepare (15 minutes before the start time).

The maximum size of the skirt for adults is ______. * The boys of the family can be dressed as pirates, or alternatively, men can attend the photo session, while wearing their clothes,

* No previous experience required, just know how to swim.


  * The activity is intended for participants who know how to swim and feel comfortable in a water environment.
** Participants who do not know how to swim, are committed to buoys or close supervision of an adult


Photography and swimming location will be recommended by the club depending on the weather conditions.

In case of bad weather we will have to make an appointment for another date. Meetings can be canceled up to two hours before the meeting if the cancellation is due to isolation entry and receive a 50% refund. 

Prices remain unchanged regardless of the age of the participants and non-use of accessories of any kind from home.

The price of the photo package includes editing when needed and without Photoshop or prints at this price.


Scheduled times

8 in the morning until 6 in the evening and according to the availability of the guide.

Locations in Eilat: 

Mosh Beach, Palm Beach, Katsa, Princess, Eilat Hotels. 

If you want to book by specific location please tell us the location you prefer and a selection of possible dates for you

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